Preparing Your Toddler for a New Baby

Bringing another little one into the house can be a challenging time if you already have a toddler or small child running around. Children have many questions and concerns when they hear that they will soon be a big brother or sister. Read more to learn how you can help your toddler or small children during this exciting transition.

Preparing Your Toddler for a New Baby ​

​Telling your little one there is a new baby on the way can be an exciting but also nerve-racking event for many parents. It’s important that the explanation and preparation for the new baby are done in ways that are understood by your toddler. Tell your toddler before the news is circling around your group of friends and family, and always keep a positive note about the baby.

How to Explain

​The pregnancy should be established, usually around the second trimester, before you break the big news. Your baby bump will begin to show and the chance for miscarriage is minimal. Your baby bump will be a visual aid in understanding for a toddler. Later in the pregnancy a toddler can feel the baby kicking and touch your belly. This helps them understand that there is actually a baby living inside of you.

To explain what babies do, you can use the help of old photos. Using photos of your toddler as an infant will help include them as well as explain that another tiny infant is on the way. You can share stories about their birth and how they were as infants so that they can understand what babies require and act like.

It’s important not to break the news in times of stress for your toddler. Starting preschool and potty training are major events in their lives thus far—taking away from the needed attention they require in this time can cause behavior issues.

Helpful Activities for Understanding

Getting your toddler ready for a baby is complicated. An infant is a hard thing to fathom for a toddler; arranging for them to see other little babies can help in comprehending what is headed their way. Toddlers are very visual, seeing how newborns need to be held, how they eat and behave will help with a big picture idea.

Toddlers can also attend doctor visits with you. Listening to a heartbeat and seeing real images of their new sibling will show them that the baby they can’t see in front of them is very real. Additionally, watching fetal development videos together is a great family activity that is both visual and interesting for everyone.

Babies in the womb can start hearing around 23 weeks, encourage your toddler to start talking and singing to their brother or sister. If there is a name picked out for the new baby, your toddler can use it to further the bond with their new sibling.

Reading books about new babies together will keep the attention focused on your toddler, while focusing on the new baby in your tummy. Including a doll in these readings will help them practice holding, kissing, and talking to the baby.

Lastly, your hospital visit could be an enjoyable opportunity for your toddler to spend a day or two with someone they adore and do something fun while they await the arrival of their new sibling. Allow toddlers to “help” pack hospital bags and explain why you need certain items.

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