Asthma & Allergy

Asthma & Allergy
We treat a variety of childhood respiratory conditions.

Learn how to identify allergy and asthma causes and find out what treatment options are available At ACG Pediatrics.

Childhood asthma is not different from adult asthma, but it does create particular challenges for children. We're here to help you make the best decisions about managing your child’s allergies.

Fighting asthma can be difficult, especially if it’s allergy induced asthma. Learn more about ways to fight allergy induced asthma as well as the allergy induced asthma symptoms.


Children with asthma have inflamed airways that easily become swollen and sensitive when exposed to inhaled irritants. Outside elements such as cigarette smoke, rigorous exercise, and even dust can aggravate the condition, causing the airways to tighten and constrict.

Some of the most common causes of childhood allergies include:

  • Indoor allergy triggers, such as dust mites that live in bedding, carpeting, etc.
  • Animal dander from pets such as cats and dogs.
  • Indoor and outdoor molds.
  • Seasonal allergens from trees, grasses, and weeds.

Seasonal allergies occur year round, and fall is no exception. There are a few culprits behind fall allergies, including: Ragweed, Sagebrush, Goldenrods, and mold. Learn more >


In most cases, the best way to combat childhood allergies is to avoid the cause. Here are just a few tips to help minimize your child’s exposure to known allergens:

  • Keep doors and windows tightly closed during pollen season.
  • Avoid your child’s exposure to household pets.
  • Keep your home clean and dry to avoid build-up of dust and other indoor allergens.

AGC Pediatrics also offers a variety of allergy medications that can help to control your child’s allergy symptoms. To learn more, speak with one of our pediatricians about safe and effective treatments.

The medical staff of AGC Pediatrics can prescribe a variety of long-term medications to help control the symptoms of childhood asthma in the long-term. To learn more, call (706) 625-5900, or view our article on Childhood Asthma. 

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