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At AGC Pediatrics, we believe in equipping our patients and parents with the knowledge they need to take charge of their health and lifestyle. To help your child succeed in living a healthy, happy lifestyle, we’ve provided to following resources for your use. Pediatric Resources

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Helpful Articles

Become an expert on your child’s health and well-being with these helpful tips and articles on pediatric wellness, ranging from asthma information to newborn care. Pediatric Resources

You work hard to keep your kid healthy and safe, from making sure they’re eating their veggies to ensuring they wear helmets when riding their bikes. Check out these benefits that well child exams from AGC Pediatrics provide.

More Resources

Find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions, understand our clinic policies and gain the knowledge necessary to give your child the best environment to grow and succeed. Learn more >

For many children, going to the doctor can be a frightening experience. The staff of AGC Pediatrics has compiled this guide to help kids understand that a visit to the doctor isn’t scary, and why it’s so important to have regular wellness check-ups. Learn more >

If you have an insurance, odds are we will take it.  If you are in need of assistance regarding state-funded insurance, you can contact the Gordon County Health Department, or the Gordon County DFCS office to find out how to apply for insurance or to find out if you qualify.  You may also contact our billing office with any questions regarding insurances.


If you currently do not have insurance for your child, and you wish to be a bit more proactive and get started applying now, here are the links to the medicaid, wellcare, peach state, and amerigroup (all the state-funded insurance programs) websites:

Keep in mind that all of these websites will give you the instructions you need to get your child started.

Vaccines help to eradicate harmful diseases completely. Stay up-to-date with your child’s immunizations to protect them during their most vulnerable years. Read more.

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