Going to the Doctor: A Guide for Kids

Teach your child the value of visiting a kid doctor at our friendly, faith-based practice and ease your child’s anxiety by encouraging the importance of well-child visits.

Going to the Doctor: A Guide for Kids

Going to the Doctor -It may seem strange when your parents tell you that you’re making a trip to the doctor when you’re not sick, but regular check-ups are important for your overall health. At AGC Pediatrics, we call these check-ups “well-child” visits because you’re feeling well, and we want to keep you healthy.

When you visit the doctor for a well-child check-up, our nurses warmly greet you. You and your parent are kindly escorted into your very own private doctor’s office, where the nurse will check your height and weight, and sometimes your blood pressure and your temperature, just to make sure that you’re growing up big and strong. Your blood pressure tells the nurse how strong your heart is, and is measured by using a cuff that tightens around your arm; this might seem uncomfortable, but it only lasts a few seconds our medication.

Our nurses record all of this information for the kid doctor, or pediatrician, before he comes in to see you. During your exam, our kid doctors use different instruments to make sure your body is doing everything the way it should:

  • The stethoscope: The doctor uses this instrument to hear your heartbeat and your lungs to make sure that you’re breathing and heart sound just right.
  • The otoscope: This instrument allows our kid doctor to look into your nose, ears, and throat to make sure everything is healthy, and that you don’t have any infections or fluid in your ears.
  • The ophthalmoscope: The doctor checks your eyes with this instrument to ensure that your eyes are properly sending messages back to your brain.
  • The rubber hammer: This part of the exam might seem silly, and it’s okay if you laugh. The doctor uses this instrument to test your reflexes and nerves, and when your knee flies up, our kid doctor knows that your nerves are properly sending messages between your body and your brain and spinal cord.

Our kid doctors may also check your spine to see how straight it is.  Before your exam, you may worry that you’ll need more shots, but that is usually not the case. During your well-child exam, your kid doctor just wants to make sure you’re healthy.

At the end of your exam, you may want to ask your kid doctor questions about your health and development. Our doctors can answer a variety of questions about your health and wellness, so asking those questions is very important. Don’t worry if your question seems silly because our kid doctors are here to help you learn what it means to be healthy.

Explaining the Importance of Well-Child Visits to Your Child

Teach your child the value of visiting a kid doctor at our friendly, faith-based practice.

Children often offer some resistance to parents at the mention of a doctor visit. Emphasizing and encouraging the importance of well-child visits will help to ease your child’s anxiety. At AGC Pediatrics, our supportive staff provides support for parents when explaining the importance of well-child visits so that children are excited to visit their kid doctor.

Our welcoming offices provide a fun, comfortable environment for children to thrive and learn about how to stay healthy as they grow and develop. Well-child visits at AGC Pediatrics ensure the overall health of the child while also encouraging the understanding of “well visit check-ups.”

Kid Doctors at AGC Pediatrics

At AGC Pediatrics, our board-certified pediatricians and highly-qualified staff specialize in treating children. We provide a warm atmosphere to ease the worries of your children when visiting their kid doctor, and our faith-based practice provides compassionate pediatric care to children through age 21.

Schedule a well-child appointment in one of our offices via telephone at (706) 625-5900 to begin teaching your children about the importance of visiting their kid doctor.