Doing Well Child Exams the Right Way

Well child exams are a preventative health measure parents can take to ensure children are growing up healthy and safe. These exams are a routine part of caring for and protecting your child’s well-being.

Doing Well Child Exams the Right Way at AGC Pediatrics

At AGC Pediatrics, we know you love your kids. That’s why we want to provide the tools necessary to help keep them healthy and happy. At our in Calhoun and Cartersville locations, we offer well child exams to service parents and their children in North Georgia. Learn more about well child check-ups below.

What Happens During a Well Child Exam?

Well child exams are a form of preventative measure to ensure your children are growing up healthy and safe. These exams are a routine part of caring for and protecting your child’s well-being. In each well child exam, your child will be checked for the following:

  • Height and Weight. During the exam, your child’s pediatrician will check their height and weight to ensure they are in a healthy percentile. If your child falls above or below these healthy averages, our pediatricians will recommend a plan to get them where they need to be.
  • Blood Pressure and Body Temperature. Your child will be checked to ensure they fall within a healthy blood pressure range and that their body temperature is normal (98.6°F). If either of these vary from the norm, your AGC pediatrician will pinpoint any underlying conditions or disorders.
  • Hearing and Vision. It is vital, especially for school age children, that we test for hearing and vision impairments. Education and social interactions are can be hindered if these impairments are not treated. If your pediatrician recognizes any impairments, they may recommend you visit an eye doctor or an ear, nose and throat specialist for treatment.
  • Urine Samples. Urine samples help the pediatrician recognize any underlying issues such as kidney disease, urinary tract infections, tumors, diabetes or other medical conditions.
  • Complete Physical Exam. A complete physical exam helps the pediatrician to note any causes for concern. During this process they check for any bodily abnormalities that may indicate an underlying serious medical condition.
  • Immunization Booster Shots. Well child exams are a great way to stay up to date on your child’s immunizations and boosters before the school year begins. Ask your pediatrician which immunizations your child needs for the upcoming school year.

Well Fun Fridays: Well Child Exams at AGC Pediatrics

The doctor’s office doesn’t have to be scary experience. At AGC Pediatrics, we designed Well Fun Fridays so that your kids can stay healthy and have fun at the same time.

On select Fridays throughout the summer, we host themed well check exam days ranging from Western Round-Up to Merry Christmas in July. Our friendly staff dresses up and we encourage parents and children to come in their costumes as well! Each Well-Fun Friday features exclusive prizes and drawings so check-ups are fun for the whole family.

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Being at the doctor’s office can be fun! Schedule your child’s well child exam at AGC Pediatrics for a fun and friendly check-up. Book your appointment today by calling us at 706-625-5900.