Bronchitis in Children

Bronchitis in children can stem from minor ailments such as colds. It is important to learn the signs and symptoms of Bronchitis in children to ensure your family stays healthy all year round. Read this article to get the knowledge all parents should know about bronchitis in children.

Bronchitis in Children

Bronchitis is typically caused by a viral infection. The infection affects the bronchi, which are the tubes that lead to the lungs from the throat and the trachea. The infection causes swelling and the production of excessive mucus, making it for difficult for the patient to breathe easily. This inflammation results in a cough as well as pain that can occur in the upper chest or throat.

Bronchitis can stem from lesser illnesses such as colds, measles, and the flu and can also be triggered by the child being around cigarette smoke on a regular basis. Breathing problems in children can become serious, so it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible if any issues arise.

Signs & Symptoms of Bronchitis in Children

Children get sick on a regular basis, but being able to tell the difference between a simple cough and something more severe like Bronchitis is important. Bronchitis symptoms may include:

  • A dry cough that over time develops into a wet cough
  • Shortness of breath and wheezing, which can sometimes be mistaken for asthma
  • A cold that worsens over the course of a few days, developing deep coughing
  • Chills and fever
  • Tightness in the chest

Treatment Options

Treating bronchitis in a child differs from treating an adult who has been diagnosed with the infection. For instance, babies and young children cannot receive certain types of medication that are a quick cure for adults. Because bronchitis is caused by a virus must of the time, antibiotics will not work. Bronchial infections can be very painful for children, as they have smaller airways and lungs.

Some natural remedies include:

  • Drinking plenty of water.
  • Using a humidifier to help open up breathing passages so the child is more comfortable.
  • Resting so that the child’s body has time to repair and rebuild itself.

Most commonly, an over-the-counter or prescription cold medicine can be used after consulting with your pediatrician. These cold medicines help control coughing and other symptoms, but are not usually meant for children under the age of 6.

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