Asperger Symptoms in Children

Learn how to spot the signs and symptoms of Aspergers in children and in teenagers. Symptoms can begin as early as preschool and can have a major impact on social development, behavior and performance in school. AGC Pediatrics will help you and your child treat Asperger’s syndrome early.

Asperger Symptoms in Children

​Asperger’s is a persistent developmental disorder that is widely recognized as a mild form of autism. Parents often note early Asperger symptoms when their child enters preschool and begins to interact with other children.

There are many different symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome, however, the main symptom is significant issues with social situations. Children can possess a variety of Asperger symptoms, with types of symptoms ranging from mild to severe. In most cases, they often have difficulty picking up on social signals, communication cues and sarcasm.

At AGC Pediatrics, we understand that there can be a lot of information about Asperger’s and this can be a confusing and difficult time for parents. While it is important to note that not all children with Asperger’s are alike, they do have some similar symptoms. Common symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome include:

  • Difficulty picking up on humor, sarcasm and body language.
  • Engages in long winded conversations that are one-sided.
  • Displays unusual nonverbal contact. Perhaps they lack eye contact or make awkward body gestures.
  • Lacks empathy or has trouble “reading” others and their emotions.
  • Doesn’t engage in small-talk.
  • Child may seem ego-centric or self-absorbed.
  • Resists and dislikes change in routine.
  • Delayed motor skills. For instance, your child may have issues learning how to use a fork or spoon.
  • Heightened sensitivity to sound, light, strong tastes, or textures.
  • Despite having a great vocabulary, they may be extremely literal and have difficulty understanding the nuances of language.

It is important to note that a child with one or two of these symptoms will not have Asperger’s syndrome. Instead, in order to be diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, your child must have a combination of these symptoms, in additional to severe social issues.

Although some of these Asperger symptoms sound similar to autism, a child with Asperger’s will have normal intellectual development and language. Additionally, those with Asperger’s also make an effort to make friends than those with autism.

Asperger Symptoms in Early Childhood and Teen Years

Most Asperger symptoms will persist through teen years. Teens with Asperger’s will be able to learn the social skills they lack, however, communication will remain difficult. They still may have continued difficulties getting a “read” on others body language, humor, and sarcasm, and continue to take things very literal.

Your teen with Asperger’s may want to reach out and make friends, however, they may also feel very shy and intimidated in doing so. It depends on the child and the severity of the Asperger symptoms; however, some adolescents are able to maintain friendships through their teen years.

Treatment for Asperger’s at AGC Pediatrics

​Treatment for Asperger’s begins with striving to improve the child’s social skills. Since each individual has different Asperger symptoms, the treatment should be customized to meet the individual’s specific needs. The pediatricians at AGC Pediatrics can help create a specific treatment based on your child’s symptoms.

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