Summer Activities for a child with ADHA

AGC Pediatrics wants to equip parents to tackle summer boredom and make the most out of their child’s daily routine with these helpful tips.

Activities to Keep a Child with ADHD Busy During the Summertime

Summertime is full of fun activities, like barbecues, pool parties, and trips to the beach, but for most children, the lazy days of summer also bring a good dose of boredom. For children with ADHD, it’s important that they continue to improve behavior and grow during the summer. AGC Pediatrics wants to equip parents to tackle summer boredom and make the most out of their child’s daily routine with these helpful tips.

Stick to a Summer Routine

Children with ADHD thrive within an established routine. While a summer schedule can be more relaxed than a regular school schedule, it’s important to try and stick to a normal bedtime, meal times, and activities. 

Summer Camp

A great way to battle boredom is with summer camp. There are lots of summer camps available, including those specially tailored to help children with ADHD. Whether it’s a day camp or overnight camp, your children will play and learn in a fun and safe atmosphere. Plus, they’ll have a chance to meet new people and socialize in a structured environment.

Schedule Outings that Spark Creativity

Children with ADHD often need an activity to channel their energy and creativity. Schedule outings throughout the week that require them to learn and play such as nature walks, trips to the library, swimming, visits to museums, or completing an arts and crafts project.

Pick Up a New Hobby or Sport

A new hobby or sport can be a great way to add structure and fun to your child’s summer routine. Whether they pick up an instrument or choose to play soccer, practices, recitals and games will give your child a great chance to exercise and showcase their talents in a constructive way.

Plan for One Goal per Day

To help your child grow and mature over the summer, set one goal per day that they can join in on. If possible, fit it into their activities for the day. For example, if you’re going to a theme park, set a goal to wait patiently in line.

If you’re camping with family, have them work on setting up the tent, talking to siblings without interrupting or finding rocks for their rock collection. These little goals help focus their energy in a positive way.

Add Responsibilities or Chores

Fill your child’s summer with tons of fun activities, but throw in a little added responsibility as well. You can explain to your kids that since school is over, they each get an added chore or responsibility for the week like taking the dog out, emptying the dishwasher, or dusting.

You can also add these responsibilities into the daily activity. If you’re going to the park, have them help by taking the picnic basket to the car or let them get the mail when the post arrives.

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